Welcome to the collective or portfolio site of Calítoe.:., a dilettante of web-design.

Here you may find more information about the webmistress and her activities, and also links to her personal and professional projects. Everything is on this page, you just have to scroll down.

Yes, speaking in third person about oneself on the first paragraphs is almost a standard, I'm afraid. :p

I hope you enjoy your visit. :)

I run 49 websites. Some of those sites are fanlistings that have 6924 fans altogether, and there are 0 members pending approval. The latest site I have published is Mandi Cadela. I like joining fanlistings for the topics I am an enthusiast of, and I have joined 132 so far. You can see them all in the section called "Odi et amo". Besides, I have several webcomrades in the Internet, so I link 8 of their sites from here.


Collective of Calítoe.:., a web-design dilettante.

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Calítoe (C.:.). Diletante. 1978. XX.

Guarantee of origin and current position: 42° 43' N 8° 63' O. A few years ago, latinising Slavonic peoples in 51° 49' N 19° 28' E. Not so long ago, doing flips and teaching how to do them after having altered Europe's designs in 49° 37' N 6° 09' E. Some months ago, web-editor for a famous videogame company around 48° 51' N 2° 21' E.

If you are really interested in knowing more about me, you just have to explore my works of dilettantism... ;)

You may also find me round here:


I bought the domain name at GoDaddy the 13th of February 2003. The webspace is provided by the friendly guys at Hostradius —now merged with Insiderhosting— since the 22nd of February of that year.

I opened this site the 1st of March 2003, and it has had nine designs ever since. The last one, version 9 was perpetrated between March and April 2009, as it is explained in the section How.


Mainly because in February of 2003 I felt I was growing up and that it was about time to have my own domains (in the end I feel I have to run an Empire...).

But apart from fullfilling my delusions of grandeur, the purpose of this domain is to somehow organise the websites I run, my projects and experiments.


Version number 9 of this site is based on a templated made by Styleshout that I distroyed with the help of Notepad++. After burning my brain a bit and copy-pasting a lot, I wrote the code trying to get decent XHTML and CSS.

I use a multilingual version of Enthusiast to manage the listings, and CodeSort 2 to manage link buttons. The guestbook is powered by BellaBook, and I use the script NH-mail 2.2.1 for the contact form.

And I think that's all so far for this version. :).


If you would like to know where you can suck up to me, leave your complaints, your love and flaming letters, questions, comments, etc., here is the place.

There are two options: the public one (under my censorship, though ;p) on my Guestbook, or the private one by using the form below: